Highlights of 2011 Tax Law Changes

In our Annual Summary of Tax Law Changes, we have included changes that may affect your 2011 tax filing, tax provisions that will expire after 2011, and changes that will affect your 2012 taxes. Hopefully this will help you with some last minute tax planning for 2011 and projections beyond 2011. We expect some significant changes to the tax code in 2012 and 2013. We’ll keep you posted ... Read More

Highlights of 2010 Tax Law Changes
Limit on Personal exemptions and overall itemized deduction is ended regardless of the amount of your AG, first time home-buyer credit extended, adoption credit is now become refundable credit, Corrosive dry wall losses, extended energy saving credits, education credits, personal exemptions & standard deduction, tax brackets are widened ... Read More
Should I refinance my mortgage? How much do I need to save for my child's college education? As accounting professionals, these are some of the questions that are posed to us on a daily basis.
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Here is the list of documents need to bring to file and process the tax return, please bring
those which are applicable for you and spouse (if married)


- W2: Salaries and wages: All W2 issued by your employer to you and spouse

- 1099 INT or 1099 DIV : Interest / Dividend Income:

Accounts in the USA: Form 1099INT and form 1099DIV

Foreign Accounts: Taxpayers who having aggregate value of all foreign
accounts is $10,000 or more at any time during the year, must have to report
the interest or dividend income in schedule B and later also have to file form
“TD F 90-22.1 as disclosure requirement.

- Alimony received: Amount of alimony received, if any

- 1099MISC: Business Income: Form 1099MISC or if a self employed make sure
bring a list of income received and list of all the relevant expenses incurred and
paid to perform that business - please refer schedule C questioner

- 1099 Brokers: Stock Detail: Capital Gains/(Loss) on sale of Stocks/options, real
estate, sale of business property, bad debts and other capital assets.
- 1099R – IRA or 401k distribution and pension or annuities receipts

- Schedule K/K-1 and 1099MISC: for profit or (loss) from S corporation/
Partnership and for rent or royalty income received.

- 1099G : Unemployment compensation & for taxable refunds, received from states

- 1099 SA : Social security benefits

- Other Income: Gambling or lottery winnings W2G, awards/prizes, other income
Adjustments/Deductions :

- 8889 HSA – Health saving account deduction

- Alimony Paid – Need the recipient name & SSN

- 1098E – Student loan interest – mostly received if paid more than $600.

- 1098T – Tuition fee paid for higher education

- Foreign Tax Credit – Need proper evidence for taxes paid in foreign country for
the same income taxed in the USA

- Dependent Care expenses – Must bring day care name, address & tax ID info
You can claim this only if both taxpayer working or one of them is a student.

- 1098 – Mortgage interest paid, PMI paid, Real estate taxes paid or confirmation
letter from bank or private lender for receipt of mortgage interest over the year.

- HUD-1 statement for claiming points or first time home buyer credit

Questioner :
All taxpayers must have to fill out basic information questioner and following if :

- Claiming itemized deductions : Schedule A questioner

- Have business or self-employed income – 1099MISC – Schedule C questioner

- Have rental Income – received or not 1099MISC - Schedule E questioner
Signatures required:

All taxpayer (s) must have to sign relevant questioner, disclosure statement & form 8879.

Note: All clients “Taxpayer must need to fill this questionnaire” , sign and send us the questionnaire as scanned doc or fax us.
Documnet Need to bring Questioner-Standard for client Disclosure ltr Stock format-2011
Questioner-Schedule A Questioner-Schedule C Questioner-Schedule E  
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