Highlights of 2011 Tax Law Changes

In our Annual Summary of Tax Law Changes, we have included changes that may affect your 2011 tax filing, tax provisions that will expire after 2011, and changes that will affect your 2012 taxes. Hopefully this will help you with some last minute tax planning for 2011 and projections beyond 2011. We expect some significant changes to the tax code in 2012 and 2013. We’ll keep you posted ... Read More

Highlights of 2010 Tax Laws Changes
Limit on Personal exemptions and overall itemized deduction is ended regardless of the amount of your AG, first time home-buyer credit extended, adoption credit is now become refundable credit, Corrosive dry wall losses, extended energy saving credits, education credits, personal exemptions & standard deduction, tax brackets are widened ... Read More
Should I refinance my mortgage? How much do I need to save for my child's college education? As accounting professionals, these are some of the questions that are posed to us on a daily basis.
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Professional Services

We offer wide range of highest level of accounting, tax and consulting services to individuals, business owner and small businesses. Some of them are:


Almost every business transaction or investment decision is driven by tax implications. Whether a client is considering how to structure a transaction involving securities, real estate, or business assets, or is undertaking any major financial strategy, tax advice may significantly impact the final decision.

We provide tax planning and prepare tax returns for individuals, businesses, and other entities. We especially focus on preparing returns with best and maximum tax savings. We offer professional preparation of simple  and complex tax  returns  for all federal, states and  local taxes at competitive and affordable rates.

 If you are considering whether to prepare the tax returns yourself, there are several challenges that may lie ahead of you. You must keep in mind that the tax laws and forms change every year, and you may find it difficult to research the necessary tax codes and/or obtain the necessary tax forms.

You might don’t know some of changes in  each year can significantly  effect your tax liability and savings. Also, you may be missing some or all of your records that will be needed to prepare those returns. Furthermore, you may not need to file tax returns for all of the years that you believe may need filing.

It is always better to have your taxes done by a professional tax preparer. Although numerous tax preparation software are available online, the chances of doing your taxes right could be very frustrating. A professional tax preparer has all the knowledge and tools needed to ensure that your tax deductions are maximized to the extent allowable by law, thus, saving you time and money.

We’ll prepare and electronically file your return in a flash!  All you have to do is provide the documentation in any old order you can get it to us, and answer a few questions.  We'll do the rest!

We offer electronic filing to receive your refund with in 24 hours through:

RAL – Instant Federal Refund Anticipation Loans is a loan, made by Chase Bank, that enables you (if you qualify) to receive a direct deposit in an amount up to your anticipated federal income tax refund, minus bank and Everest Associates, LLC fees. RALs are generally available within one to four days after the return is filed and acknowledged by the IRS, and they enable you to receive funds, in the form of loan proceeds, more quickly than waiting for your actual income tax refund.

Your Refund Anticipation Loan is generally repaid when the IRS releases your income tax refund. However, in cases where the IRS changes the amount of the refund, or does not issue a refund at all, you are responsible for the repayment of the loan to Chase Bank.

RAC-  Refund Anticipation Check If you qualify, you can pick up a check or have money deposited directly often within eight to 15 days after e-filing your return, for the amount of your refund minus bank fees and Everest Associates, LLC tax preparation fees.

We have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to prepare any and all types of returns for you, including the following:

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • LLC
  • Non-Profit
  • Estate
  • Trust
  • Employment
  • State


Our Complete Service Includes:

Formation of corporation (C Corp or S Corp), Limited Liability Company, Partnership and Professional Corporation (PC) in all 50 States. We also provide efficient advice in selection of company which best suited for our clients. Our complete corporate kit include 

  • Company Records Binder
  • Company Name Imprinting
  • Slip Cover
  • Company Embossing Seal
  • 20 Imprinted Stock or Membership Certificates
  • Stock or Certificate Ledger
  • Operating Agreement on Disk (LLC kit only)
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) Filing Service.
  • Election of S corporation

After you form your new company, it is absolutely essential for you to keep accurate and up to date records. The IRS requires it! With our Corporate or LLC services this is easy. Giving you more time to run your business.

IRS and State/Local Representation

Our firm knows the tax laws, and we know how your tax return was prepared. We can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well as state and local taxing authorities. We are also experienced in negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS.


Having your own business is a pretty tough job. Never ending decisions and paperwork are always at the helm of this activity. A seasoned accountant is needed to ease the burden of financial aspects of the business.

We assist  to relieve you of the burden of mundane data entry, bookkeeping and tax compliance issues every small business faces. We will work closely with you in developing the most efficient reliable accounting system for your particular needs. As such, you could concentrate on doing what you do best and allowing your business to grow.

Our firm provides full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis.

Payroll, Sales & Use Tax Services

We provide complete and personalized payroll services including preparation of payroll, quarterly filing of federal and state payroll return, issuance of W2, 1099MISC forms and preparation of annual payroll returns.
We also offer Sales & Use tax quarterly and annual tax return preparation for most of the states in the U.S.

Consulting Services

Our company offers a wide range of consulting services to help you improve business operations, boost efficiency, and increase the bottom line.

Accounting Software Selection

Need help with accounting software selection and implementation? Our firm will help you select the software that’s right for you and will teach you how to use it effectively.

Computer Consulting

You are ready to move into the computer age, but you have fears of expensive, unsuitable software, fifteen  year-olds hacking into your server, and systems crashing. We understand your fears and we will work with you to setup an efficient, user-friendly computer system. Our  partnership with business-savvy computer technicians and programmers can explain even the most advanced high-tech concepts in plain English. Whether you want to set up a computerized accounting system, a computer network, or even an online web store, our firm can help.


If you or your spouse or dependent are on non immigrant dependent visa or some how not eligible to get social security number, may qualify for ITIN number. To apply for ITIN number for your spouse or dependent you must have to fill out W7, attach a notarized copy of their passport & visa (usually first, last and visa page), notary should be done from the U.S. notary public or if you are in the foreign country then must be from any of the local U.S. consulate office in your country.

You can apply the ITIN only at time of filling your tax return. You can not file form W7 alone without filling the tax return.

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